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Commitment to Quality

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Performance Electronics is committed to meeting our customers' demands.  This begins with a foundation of quality assurance.  We understand that providing quality products is critical to building long term client relationships.  That is why we have instituted quality control measures throughout our distribution process, assuring a complete satisfaction policy.  Our commitment to quality is supported by our certifications: ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120:2016.


Our Quality Management System encompasses all of the activities, operations, processes, and units of the company dealing with the supply of electronic components to clients in various industries, including Aviation, Defense and Space industries.   We research, pre-qualify and continuously maintain our vendor sources around the world to ensure that products received are procured from safe and reputable sources. 


Performance Electronics has implemented a comprehensive inspection and counterfeit avoidance policy and procedures which are certified by ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120:2016.  Our team follows our extensive inspection process, which includes the following:


100% Visual Inspection

Body Inspection - Black Topping

Lead Inspection
Lot and Date Codes

Manufacturer Certificates of Conformance

Microscopy and Digital Photography
Original Packaging and Labeling
Original Components Manufacturer Verification
Part Marking - Top / Bottom
Part Number Marking
Product Marking

Quantity Verification

Testing Site available for decapsulation, solderability and functionality





Cage Code # 1VL24

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